Month: November 2016


The dole demon is an abject media caricature. Its creation does not control by demonising and stigmatising that character alone. Rather, it controls by creating fear among those who self-identify with aspects of that caricature. To misquote Althusser, individuals interpolate themselves as subjects. That is when their position in a hierarchical class system is formulated … Continue reading 00000006



PLOTS 1. Love triangle time travel escapade. A time-traveller suffering a midlife crisis is going through a rocky marital period. So he travels back into the past to have an affair with his wife when she was younger and more attractive. During this period, his wife starts dating the younger version of himself. The older … Continue reading 00000005


Nice to know that 100 Labour MPs defied a three line whip to abstain on a vote which would have stopped the UK government selling arms (including banned cluster bombs) to the Saudi-led coalition currently blowing up Yemen for geopolitical purposes. This coalition is responsible for 370,000 Yemeni children suffering from severe malnutrition and proves, … Continue reading 00000004


Lost Columbo Episode One "Birdshit." He pointed. "What does that prove Mr. Columbo? Birdshit is everywhere." "Fair point. But it is on the inside of the window." "Fair cop. I did set a hawk on Mr. Grimes after all. I am guilty of murder. Well done Mr. Columbo." "Cheers mate."